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With her undying faith in communal harmony through inter-faith dialogue, the crusading spirit of Shovana yet again sought to draw attention to this important aspect in a torn and violence ridden society, through her performance "Shunyata"in fusion with Grammy Award winning Buddhist Monks of Palpung Sherabling Monastery.

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HT City 26-27 April 2016

The sunday standard 24 april 2016

Hyderabad 2016

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Emptiness is not separate from form, form is not separate from emptines; Whatever is form is emptiness, whatever is emptiness is form" (Prajnaparamita..

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Rhythm and Joy

Rhythm and Joy -An evening of Kathak with Padmashri Kathak Guru Shovana Narayan

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Vividhmat: Perspectives

"Vividhmat: Perspectives"

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Kathak Guru Shovana Narayan

Padmashri Guru Shovana Narayan is sheer poetry and sublime joy transcending boundaries. An acknowledged and exquisite diamond of her art style, an outstanding dancer, a consummate artiste and choreographer, she is not only India's most celebrated Kathak Guru and Maestro of the present age but she has also become a living legend who has blazed a trail in Kathak.

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