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International & National Collaborations:

Shovana has worked in collaborations with nationally and internationally known Indian and western dancers and musicians. Her choreographic works have been successful in bringing out the flavour of various dance forms and blending them into one harmonious language.

Some of the International collaborative works are as follows:

  • "Das Maedchen mit den Schwefelholzern" to the music of Vienna's eminent music composer-teacher Prof Otto Faerber (1982) in Austria,
  • "East meets West" with ballerina Andrea Campianu (1987) in Austria & Slovenia,
  • Schubert's "Der Tod und Das Maedchen" (1988) in an ORF-ZDF telefilms documentary,
  • "Moonlight Impressionism" to music of Ravel, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Vivaldi & Debussy with German pianist Herman Sausen in 1993,
  • "The Dawn After" with Spanish Flamenco Dancer Dario Arboleda and Western Classical dancer Christian Rovny in the first ever International TIGALBANDI (trio) in 1994,
  • "Rhythm & Schmooze" (1994) with American Tap Dancer Jane Goldberg,
  • "An Evening with Franz Schubert" (1998),
  • "Sound of Emptiness and Harmony" which was a Symphony of Kathak and Buddhist Chants for World Peace (2001) with Bhutanese Buddhist Monks of Tashi Dhargye Monastery,
  • "Colours of Qutab" (2002) with Spanish Flamenco dancer Ivan Martin Barroso at the Qutab Festival,
  • "Rhythmic Echoes & Reflections" (2003), a MEA film with duets and trios with Spanish Flamenco dancer Omayra Amaya, Guitarist Pedro Cortes from Miami, Spanish Singer Julio Gabber, Australian Ballet dancer Stacy Lowenberg and American-French Tap dancer Herve Dominique le Goff,
  • Duet with Spanish Flamenco Dancer Omayra Amaya, Guitarist Pedro Cortes from Miami, Spanish Singer Julio Gabber (April 2003),
  • Duet With Spanish Jazz Guitarist Chema Vilchez (2007),
  • "Winter Reise" (The Winter Journey) in Salzkammergut Festival at Gmunden, Austria (2008) with well-known cello artiste Yvonne Timoianu and piano artiste Alexander Preda,
  • "Bidrohi" (2012) of Kazi Nazrul Islam with Mahbub Hassan Saleh, Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh,
  • "Shunyata", an inter-faith dialogue with the Grammy Award winning Buddhist Monks of Sherabling Palpung Monastery (2014).

Some of the national collaborations include works with the following:

  • Sanskritik Festival of Arts of India, 1976 (with Geeta Nair-Kathakali, Sunanda Patnaik–classical vocal)
  • Sanskritik Festival of Arts of India, 1978 (with Leela Samson-Bharatanatyam, Madhavi Mudgal-Odissi, Madhup Mudgal-classical vocal)
  • "Tridhara" (an ICCR presentation in 1986-87) with Yamini Krishnamurthy (Bharatanatyam) and Sonal Mansingh (Odissi)
  • During 1990 to 2015, several production evenings with Saroja Vaidyanathan (Bharatanatyam), Kiran Segal (Odissi), Bharati Shivaji (Mohiniyattam), Prathibha Prahlad (Bharatanatyam), Ranjana Gauhar (Odissi), Averee Chaurey (Theatre), Sunit Tandon (Theatre), Meeta Pandit (Indian classical vocal) to name a few.
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