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About Lalit Arpan

As an Organiser

Her commitment to the preservation and propagation of the rich tapestry of Indian classical performing arts have turned her into a zealous and committed organiser of 2 well known annual Festivals, since the year 1979, "LalitArpan" (earlier called "Arpan") and "Rhythm & Joy" (earlier called "Sandhya Saurabh"), one featuring the famous maestros and the other Festival providing a platform to the young, unknown but talented future torch-bearers of the tradition.

Deeply committed, involved and aware of people and their problems, she was deeply involved with the organisation and presentation of the first artists' endeavour to help the families affected by the Kargil war in 1999, also responding to the call of introspection after the ghastly World Trade Tower episodes, in 'Sound of Emptiness and Harmony' along with Buddhist monks (2001), and yet again after the Tsunami disaster in a breathtaking endeavour 'Artistes for Tsunami Relief'

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