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Yearwise Summary of Items and Productions

'Chand' - with verses of Surdas, Harivanshrai Bachhan, Malik Muhammed Jayasi Exploration of various panorama of perceptions, views and inter-linkages of a subject, was for the first time evident in classical dance through "Chand" (the moon) such as the poetic fantasy of poets, the longing of a child to play with the moon, the moon as the centrepiece of lullaby for a doting mother, and the the scientific relationship of high and low tides with human emotions.

"Umang: Basant" - on Spring as seen by the young, by a newly wedded maiden and by an elderly person: based on traditional 'bandish' and verse of Lalita Devi.

Omar Khayyam: Memorial programme for Sadhona Bose at Kala Mandir, Calcutta. The script culled out from the works of Omar Khayyam reflected the transiency of life and the desire of each soul to be ultimately united with the universal soul. The script of Sadhona Bose was provided by her younger sister Naina Devi who desired that Sadhona ji's only known young disciple, Shovana, should pay homage to the memory of her first guru, by performing two of her original numbers, one being Omar Khayyam and the other being The Street Dancer.

"Ghalib ki Dilli"(Opera) - Aiwan-e-Ghalib Auditorium, New Delhi The journey into inter-faith dialogue through verses started early in 1973. Performing to verses of Meer Taki Meer and Mirza Ghalib in the opera "Ghalib ki Dilli", Shovana began her journey into essaying and delineating Urdu verses through the Kathak medium. These were performed at various Festivals including the Sanskritik Festival of India in Queen Elizabeth Hall in 1978 and yet again at several venues and Festivals.

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